Azienda Agricola Meiattini

The hills in Province of Siena, especially those around Trequanda, represent ideal territory for the production of olive oil at its best quality.

The favourable climate (gentle winds, rather fresh temperatures and no environmental problems whatsoever) makes it possible to cultivate olive trees without using any chemical treatments and thus produce a naturally organic olive oil. Moreover, local tradition has always considered the olive tree ad its oil to be something rather holy, and there fore its cultivation has always enjoyed a special attention, be it during the harvest of the olives or during the pressing or the preservation of the oil.

Olio Meiattini - 500 ml. bottle Special attention is also paid to the choice and quality of the young olive plants: frantoio or correggiolo are the main choice, adding some other cultivar such as leccino, moraiolo and felciaio. These plants excel not only for their characteristic and unique oil-quality, but also for their outstanding aroma and perfume.

Such a perfect mix of attributes makes our olive oil a unique product of highest quality that you can buy directly from this website at affordable price.

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